Our Spring Launch was held on May 6, 2017.

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2017 Surrey Pickleball Club: Spring Launch

Yesterday, May 6th our club held its second annual Spring Launch Event. The weather cooperated and 110+ matches were played throughout the day. Of the club’s 120 active members, 70 participated in this tournament.

(Active Members: are members who have joined new or renewed their membership from last year and contributed the $40.00 towards the club).

We, the board, want to express our gratitude to a number of you who volunteered in making this event possible. Without your time commitments it would have been significantly more difficult. Bob Carter and George Kitagawa assisted in laying out the format of play for all levels. They also spent considerable time hand writing out all the score sheets for the round robin portion. A number of you showed up at 8:00 am on Saturday to ensure the courts were clean, you taped the lines on the six east-side courts, set up nets, signage, pulled the registration table together as well as a few other assignments. In addition, a special thanks to Brent Cassie and John Robertson who showed up Friday evening to distribute and mop up all the standing puddles in order that the surface would be dry by Saturday morning. And one more big thanks to Roxy Simpson and Sue McMartin who spent considerable hours at the scoring table, collecting the score sheets and entering the data on the charts; this was no small task.

Unclaimed Prize Draw Ticket Numbers:

  • 202132 – three breakfast coupons for Hemingways on Marine Drive
  • 202181 – Gamma pickleball paddle bag

We trust that the majority of you had a positive experience on the courts. For some of you this was your first time in a pickleball tournament. As a board we continue to consider your ideas and comments as we grow our club together.

The medal winners:

Level Gold Silver Bronze
2.0/2.5 Gord Ball

Ralph Boehm

Jillian Adkins

Mike Adkins

3.0 Debbie Regier

Gerald Kutzschan

Valerie Senger

Barb Clarke

Robert Livesey

Susan Livesey

3.5 John Robertson

Gary Clarke

Susan Kang

Rich Weldon

Bert Coates

Annie Wu

4.0 Ronith Cogswell

Neville Israel

Bill Ruby

Andrew Gendall

Bruce Jackson

Frank Morrison

4.5+ Scott Stevenson

Terry Brine

Marco Jankowiak

Andrew McKimmon

Irene Mah

Steve Deakin

Volunteer Opportunity:

If you are savvy and competent in using Google Docs/Forms, we could use your expertise and input. Contact Ross Priebe (priebecounsel@shaw.ca) if you have interest in helping in this way.

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