May 15, 2016

Website Content Coordinator

The Surrey Pickleball Club Committee is looking for a Website Content Coordinator. The successful applicant must have experience using WordPress and work to maintain a cohesive design for our club’s website and increase its online marketing presence.


  • Knowledge of website design practices and should keep up with trends in marketing, including social networking strategies
  • Publishing content
  • Maintaining continuity of themes
  • Streamlining navigation
  • Increasing online marketing presence
  • Knowledge of search engine analytics to maximize traffic to websites
  • Familiar with publishing and design software, web design and layout
  • Strong communication skills and an up-to-date awareness of marketing techniques

Interested applicants please contact Marilyn Cross at

May 11, 2016

Volunteer Position: Team Captains

The Surrey Pickleball Club Committee is looking for individuals interested in becoming Team Captains for levels of play at the outdoor South Surrey Recreation Centre Pickleball/Tennis courts. Team Captains have the choice to play with their group on their assigned day.

Captains Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Print a copy of the members who signed up on Sign Up Genius.
  • Pick up the keys for the lock boxes, the balls and the briefcase from the South Surrey Recreation Centre in the weight room storage area.
  • Attach court numbers to the fence (#1 is closest to the main entrance and work clockwise).
  • Ask other members to help you set up nets.
  • Attach the orange ribbons on the side of the nets.
  • Have each member sign in on the round robin sheet. Whatever number they sign in at is their number for the round robin.
  • Warm-up for 15-20 minutes and then call everyone in to begin the Round Robin.
  • A brief explanation may be necessary on how the Round Robin works.
  • Games are played to 11 and win by 1 point only.
  • The 2 numbers on the top of the Round Robin sheet are on the side closest to the Rec Centre (south) and will serve first.
  • Once one team has reached 11, let them know to move the ribbon to the middle of the net. The players then switch sides and begin play on a second game until all games are finished for each particular round.
  • Call everyone back to the meeting place once all ribbons are in the middle of the net. Everyone can now check which court their next game is played on.
  • Once the 6 round robin games are finished the courts are open to those people that want to stay and play more.
  • Ask players to help pack up the nets not needed at this time.
  • Collect all SPC balls and put them in the bucket.
  • Place sign-up sheet, court numbers and anything else that was used back in the briefcase in order and in the spot it was taken from. Bucket and Briefcase go back to the Rec. Centre to be stored in the weight room storage area.
  • Pick up your ID from the front desk and, if applicable, have someone from the group staying to play leave their ID at the desk and return keys to front desk.
  • The players that want to continue to play after Round Robins are finished will have to use their own balls and also be responsible for putting away the nets, locking the lock box, returning the keys and picking up their ID.

Interested applicants please contact Marilyn Cross at


May 11, 2015

The Surrey Pickleball Club Committee is looking for an experienced fundraising person who will establish a supportive team, and work closely with and report to The Surrey Pickleball Club Committee.


  • Establish which of the club’s projects or activities need additional funding
  • Develop a fundraising plan, which includes setting targets and reasonable deadlines
  • Identify potential sources of funds, such as sponsorship or grants
  • Write grant applications or sponsorship proposals
  • Ensure the funds raised are used for the designated purpose
  • Maintain relationships with donors, grant agencies and sponsors.
  • Develop a growing network of individuals and groups to run fundraising events on behalf of the club.


  • Experience and success in the field of fundraising
  • Experience in identifying, developing and managing relationships at all levels with funding partners and donors
  • Experience in organizing and managing fundraising events
  • Experience in using social media and the internet in relations to fundraising

Personal Attributes

  • Self-motivated and goal driven
  • Ability to work as an individual and as part of a team
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills

Interested applicants please contact Marilyn Cross at


The volunteers and set-up crew began arriving at 8:45 am.

The nets were gathered and placed on the courts, registration table set-up, the court signs were posted and the final taping of one more court was completed.  Actually taping began on Friday evening as the sun was setting as close to 400 feet of tape was needed to line the 2 additional courts for this fun event of skill level round robin play.

Member players began arriving and once they registered the eight pickleball courts began to fill with players warming up their short game, long strokes and serves.  A brief meeting took place to welcome and give out information related to the new club schedule starting on May 2nd, and then the Spring Launch play began.  Two courts were assigned for the Beginner – 3.0 players, six courts for 3.5 level and one court each for 4.0 and 4.5+ play.  In the end there were 58 member players, playing close to a 100 matches from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.  After the round robin format was finished a handful of players continued to play mixing up all skill levels which will be similar to the new weekly scheduled play in the “open” slots (see schedule for details).

A number of participants commented on the success of our Spring Launch.

Members are encouraged to click on the “schedule” tab to sign-up for skill level play as we move into May.

A big thank-you to all who helped make this day run smoothly.

And finally a thank-you to the South Surrey Recreation Centre and staff who allowed for recycle and garbage receptacles as well as the use of washroom facilities and the Café amenity.

On behalf of the Committee for the Surrey Pickleball Club
Ross Priebe, Chair.


Surrey Pickleball Club Spring Launch

A day of fun level play –
for members of the Surrey Pickleball Club

Date: April 30
Time: 10am-3pm
Cost: $10 (cash only – pay on day of event) 

Bring your lawn chair, lunch, water, and pickleball spirit

Weather permitting. Rain out day: May 7, 2016

(you may need to hold down Ctrl + Click to move forward to the registration page)

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