• Current membership is 150.
  • 100 joined in April
  • 28 in May
  • 15 in June
  • And 7 in July

We are approximately midway through our 2017 season and we are thrilled so many have joined the club this year.

We are aware that the increased membership fee was a deterrent for some, however with 150 paid and registered members we are quite possibly the largest pickleball club in the LowerMainland/Fraser Valley.

As a club we have trained and mentored a number of players in the 2.0 – 3.0 levels. More clinics are being planned over the next number of weeks.

New Reduced Membership Rate as of July 15th  — $30.00 is the reduced membership rate for new members for the remainder of this season.

September Tournament: “Grip n’Rip”

(as a member you are being given a “heads up” that registration opens at 7:00 am on Friday, July 21st)

If you do not have a Pickleball Tournaments profile; you are encouraged to go to their website and create one;

The WINNER of our “Name our Tournament Contest” is Wendy Sofiak!!  There were a number of great entries in this contest and we thank-you for yours.

We are going to be playing in the “GRIP ‘n RIP” Tournament! CONGRATULATIONS Wendy – we will be in touch about your prize!

  • Date is: September 9th & 10th at South Surrey Athletic Park Courts.
  • Alternate date will be September 16th & 17th, in the event of rainout.
  • Men’s and Women’s Doubles are on Saturday (levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0)
  • Mixed Doubles are on Sunday (levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0)
  • This is a tournament sanctioned by Pickleball Canada.
  • All participants need to hold a Pickleball Canada membership. If you do not, you will need to bring $5.00 cash the day of the tournament and fill out a PC membership form.
  • We expect that some levels will fill up quickly so do not delay; as this tournament is open to all.
  • To register go to

Weekly Round Robin Play on Tuesdays

  • We have changed the Tuesday weekly play to an Open Session from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.
  • This change was made as the sign-ups for Tuesday were extremely low.
  • Open Session play means any level can show up and we will be using the WhiteBoard square sign-ups as we do on Saturday mornings.
  • In addition, you are encouraged to use Sign-Up Genius to sign up for all weekly play.
  • This assist us in tracking player numbers for our club as well as information for the City of Surrey when they request it.
  • Sunday morning Open session has also been added to our schedule and the Sign-Up Genius.

June 1, 2017

This report is intended to highlight club activities for you the members. In the last number of months our club has become registered with the BC Society Act and the board did considerable work at putting this document together. Special thanks to Marilyn Cross for taking the lead on this project and along with Jane Cassie, this was completed. As a member of the BC Society Act several items have been implemented into our club constitution and by-laws. Our fiscal year begins October 1st each year and ends on September 30th and our first Annual General Meeting will be held in September (notice will be given of this meeting in the next couple of months). In addition, transparent disclosure of finances is one of the responsibilities of the board of directors. Club financials are shown on the next page.

The Spring Launch on May 6th had close to 70 members participating, check out the club website for further details and pictures about this fun event. The weather cooperated and our 2017 season officially began, although it was a slower start this year due to the rain through April and the first half of May, but some of you have braved the elements with ski jackets and mitts. With spring finally arriving the courts were busy this past weekend (Victoria Day Weekend) with 28 players on the courts Saturday morning and on Monday there were 27 at the morning session and approximately 12 in the afternoon. Great to see you all out there!

Ratings: Brent Cassie has pulled together our weekly round robin skill level sessions. In addition, he along with the rating team has given considerable time and effort attempting to assess and assign ratings for those members who do not have a tournament or club rating. In discussions with other pickleball groups and clubs, the rating of members is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks. One of the difficulties is that our own emotions can become challenged in this process so please keep in mind we are not doing this to offend or upset anyone, we are rating players so that we all can play for fun but still maintain a competitive edge in all skill levels of play. We do ask for your patience as rating assessments are an ongoing fluid undertaking. The schedule of club play has been developed to allow for sessions in each specific skill rating level as well as allowing for sessions where levels would be amalgamated for cross-skill rated play. We encourage you to play in those sessions that apply to your skill rating.

Membership: Currently our active club membership is 136. A portion of the $40.00 membership fee is being used to build a contingency fund with the plan to enhance the development of dedicated permanent pickleball courts, in line with our mission and vision and in partnership with the city of Surrey. Discussions continue to take place with the Parks and Design Department within the city but at this point we do not have any further details on the specific plans.

Finances: John Robertson is the Treasurer on the Board of Directors and has assembled the following details related to club “Income and Expenses” (more details are available on request).

Income 2017

Expenses 2017

Expense Details (the main ones)



Court Ops


Balls: $448.78

Retriever: $63.65

Spring Launch


Spring Launch


Court Rentals: $299.28

Medals/Tape: $235.00





WebMaster: $100.00

Bank/SUG/PayPal: $170.00





Society Regis: $133.00

Club Insurance: $510.00

Director Liability: $500.00

Brochures: $112.00






Net Income 2017





Net Income 2016











One additional large thank-you to Wanda Cassidy, who in the capacity of Secretary, has been actively involved weekly in the design and layout of Sign-Up Genius. She has also worked on many details behind the scenes related to club fees, the promotional brochure and communication notices.

Future Dates for This Season:

September 9 & 10 – Season Year End Tournament: Women’s & Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles

September ??, 2017 – first AGM for the Club

Clinic Dates to be announced



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