May 11, 2016

Volunteer Position: Team Captains

The Surrey Pickleball Club Committee is looking for individuals interested in becoming Team Captains for levels of play at the outdoor South Surrey Recreation Centre Pickleball/Tennis courts. Team Captains have the choice to play with their group on their assigned day.

Captains Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Print a copy of the members who signed up on Sign Up Genius.
  • Pick up the keys for the lock boxes, the balls and the briefcase from the South Surrey Recreation Centre in the weight room storage area.
  • Attach court numbers to the fence (#1 is closest to the main entrance and work clockwise).
  • Ask other members to help you set up nets.
  • Attach the orange ribbons on the side of the nets.
  • Have each member sign in on the round robin sheet. Whatever number they sign in at is their number for the round robin.
  • Warm-up for 15-20 minutes and then call everyone in to begin the Round Robin.
  • A brief explanation may be necessary on how the Round Robin works.
  • Games are played to 11 and win by 1 point only.
  • The 2 numbers on the top of the Round Robin sheet are on the side closest to the Rec Centre (south) and will serve first.
  • Once one team has reached 11, let them know to move the ribbon to the middle of the net. The players then switch sides and begin play on a second game until all games are finished for each particular round.
  • Call everyone back to the meeting place once all ribbons are in the middle of the net. Everyone can now check which court their next game is played on.
  • Once the 6 round robin games are finished the courts are open to those people that want to stay and play more.
  • Ask players to help pack up the nets not needed at this time.
  • Collect all SPC balls and put them in the bucket.
  • Place sign-up sheet, court numbers and anything else that was used back in the briefcase in order and in the spot it was taken from. Bucket and Briefcase go back to the Rec. Centre to be stored in the weight room storage area.
  • Pick up your ID from the front desk and, if applicable, have someone from the group staying to play leave their ID at the desk and return keys to front desk.
  • The players that want to continue to play after Round Robins are finished will have to use their own balls and also be responsible for putting away the nets, locking the lock box, returning the keys and picking up their ID.

Interested applicants please contact Marilyn Cross at