As was mentioned at the Annual General Meeting, we have just over 160 paid active members. A few highlights from the last 5 months and huge thanks to all that helped out this year!

  1. Round Robin skill level play continues to draw players weekly.
    • Many enjoy the separate skill level play.
    • The Saturday morning open play has been a success.
    • And others have enjoyed mixing with skill levels.
  2. The Spring Launch Club Event in early May was a highlight for a number of members.
  3. And the clinics: skill levels and referee were appreciated.
  4. The Grip ‘n Rip event was a successful sanctioned tournament.
    • Our goal is to have this as an annual tournament in early September.
  5. Many of you have volunteered helping out with the clinics as well as the mentoring session of Fridays and the Beginner’s play on Thursday, early evening, and still other’s have contributed in time and effort; being Captains during the weekly RR play. You all have fed into the growth and growing pains of a young club.

As a new board for the club we wish all of you the best in the off-season as many of you head indoors or south to enjoy this great sport. We look forward to re-connecting in the early months of 2018.

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